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Tino Rozzo was Born in Paterson NJ. Same town as William Carlos Williams and Allen Ginsberg.
He is a graduate of School 18, Passaic County Tech, University of Berkley.
He has written many books or variety. He is well traveled and has quiet an imagination.
He ran of Congress twice, Governor, and State Assembly. He wishes to come home to North Jersey or New York City.
Tino is also a Musician, Gourmet Cook, and Idea man of Variety, and a talent unrefined.
He wishes to Produce and develop Movies, Documentaries, and involve himself in Show biz even further.

Tino's Books:
1. John Crobo VS The Illumnati
Tino Rozzo - Greenwich Village Ebooks - April 2003 Our Price: $7.00
Tino Rozzo's John Crobos VS The Illumnati is a take off of the Illumnati books by Wilson. In this book, the author puns, covert societies, spy novels, attributes Discordiansim. This book contains much distressing Comedy and Fiction. This book is the Monty Python of conspiracy novels. Rozzo's Phantasmagoria at its best. Perhaps his Masterpiece. Warning:Adult Material-Sexual Situations

2. Tiny Slices Of Life
Tino Rozzo - Greenwich Village Ebooks - April 2003 Our Price: $6.95
Here he is again. Tino Rozzo presenting his book of Short Stories. In the Tradition of Kotzwinkle,Robbins, and Zappa. This Picasso of the Absurd has put together short stories that will blow your mind. *Warning-Adult content and mature themes. Rated R and Sometimes X.;-)

3. This You Should Know
Tino Rozzo - Greenwich Village Ebooks - January 2003 Our Price: $6.95

Bounced Around from publisher to publisher. This is the first Jodo Shin Shu book published in E-Book Format. This Book on Jodo Shin Shu Buddhism clarifies myths and and misconceptions of Japan's and the United State of America's oldest Buddhist Sect

4. Teak's Dreams Tino Rozzo - Greenwich Village Ebooks - January 2003 Our Price: $5.95 Teak's Dreams is a Celebration of the inner Soul of Rock and Roll. A 70's type throwback. This book contains the Spiritual,Zany, Corny, and Adult metrial. A must for Head Tripping Poetry Lovers

5. South East Asian Cooking Tino Rozzo - Greenwich Village Ebooks - January 2003 Our Price: $6.95 This is a Book Featuring the Cuisine of India, Thailand, and Myanmar. The Author's travels to New York City and San Fransico allowed him to take from menus and put together this exotic cuisine for you to use. Impress your friends!

6. Lisa and Julia Tino Rozzo - Greenwich Village Ebooks - April 2003 Our Price: $7.99
The Author does it again. Well,not really. Tino Rozzo takes a radical departure from his usual style and writes from the heart. His Politico-serio Comedies as Tiny Slices, an the Up Coimg John Crobo vs The Illumnati,+ Vanishing Man are Comedy, distressing ... more

7. Time and Relative Dimensions in Poetry Tino Rozzo - Greenwich Village Ebooks - January 2003 Our Price: $5.95
Another Paterson NJ Poet hits the Market in his first Poetry Book. Allan Ginsberg and William Carlos Williams are now in Good Company of this poet. The content maybe Strange, Absurb, Charming, Spiritual,Amuzing and Corny. This is for adults mostlty.

8. Sardinian and Italian Cooking Tino Rozzo - Greenwich Village Ebooks - January 2002 Our Price: $6.95 This Cookbook had many never before and some available in English. Sardinian Cooking is unique in all Catagories-mostly Natural and Un-adultrated. Sardinia is a ethnicity unto Italy Itself. A must own for the Rare Cookbook Enthusiast.

9. Democratic Socialist Ideas In Buddha Dharma Tino Rozzo - Greenwich Village Ebooks - March 2002 Our Price: $5.00
My synopsis:
Democratic Socialist Ideas In Buddha Dharma
1. Introduction: Explains the hows and why and the development of the book.
Covered are never before topics that make this book unique. 2. Women: Explains Buddhist perspectives on Feminism and women who influenced Buddhism.
3. Dharmic Socialism: Similarities and analysis of Political and religious systems are detailed. Along with Dharmic details on Labor.
4. Society: This chapter reveals how Civil Rights plays a part in Buddhism and Democratic Socialism. It Covers Humanism and Human Rights.
5: Religion, Politics, and War: This Chapter Covers King Asoka/King Piyadasi and the rock edict.
The Horrors and misfortunes of War and Considerations for peace.
6: Buddhist World Order: some what Utopian, Commentary on the paradigm for World Peace and a changing world for all Humanity.
Covered through out this book are WON Buddhist and Jodo Shin Shu points of view and philosophy. WON is new to the West and very rarely has any westerner written or presented its philosophical point of view.

MUSIC:Erik The Cat Records Tino's Music is here at last!
Support independent publishing: buy this audio on Lulu. Tino's Store Front

TV and Movie development under consideration!

Books to Read:
Looking North For Health Care. The Over Worked American. The Over Spent American. When Corporations Rule The World. The Cooperative Common Wealth. Who Will Tell The People?:How we Lost Our Demoracy.
Buddhist Peace Fellowship
Fellowship of Reconciliation
Religion and Labor
Social Democratic Party USA
Labor Party
NJ Socialist Party
New Liberty Party
Buddhist Temples of America

QUOTES!:T'is and Ill Wind The Blows No Minds-Robert Crumb.

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